VAT Services

VAT Compliance

  • VAT registrations
  • Declarations of monthly, quarterly and annual VAT returns
  • Compilation of sales listings with respect to submission of VAT returns
  • Written correspondence with the Latvian State Revenue Service or Ministry of Finance with respect to VAT matters
  • Arrangement of VAT refund procedures

VAT Advice

  • Individual advice on national and cross-border VAT cases
  • Expert opinions on VAT issues
  • Recommendations for action on VAT in connection with restructuring
  • Optimization of holding structures and tax groups
  • Optimization of input VAT special cases
  • Support with the Latvian State Revenue Service VAT audits
  • Representation in the courts with respect to VAT issues

VAT other matters

  • Support with the implementation of electronic invoices
  • Completion of VAT reviews
  • Assistance with the development of VAT manuals and working instructions
  • Training on general and specific value added tax topics

VAT refunds

  • Review whether your company is entitled to a VAT refund and assistance during the VAT refund process
  • Information on the VAT rules and regulations
  • Preparation and submission of all relevant VAT refund applications and documents
  • Communication with the Latvian State Revenue Service during the VAT refund process
  • Lodging appeal and conducting appeal proceedings against the relevant decisions of Latvian State Revenue Service or submission of supplementary applications

VAT audits

VAT assure Accounts Payable

Enables organisations to identify and correct over claimed and under claimed input VAT associated with errors on accounts payable transactions. Including:

  • Unclaimed input VAT
  • Over-claimed input VAT relating to incorrect application of VAT deduction rules
  • Over-claimed input VAT associated with duplicate invoices
  • Incorrect VAT coding
  • Check source documents
  • Assist prepare VAT declarations
  • System and documents audit trail

VAT assure Accounts Receivable

Audit includes a detailed review and analysis of VAT accounting, posting and declaration errors on accounts receivable transactions:

  • Under/over declaration of output VAT associated with incorrect application of intra-EC or export exemptions
  • Incorrect VAT rate applied to classes of goods / services
  • Distance selling thresholds
  • Incorrect application of the reverse-charge
  • Incorrect classification of tax codes
  • Incorrect disclosure on VAT return